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World School Committee

  World School Organizers
  Dr. B. James Dawson,
  LMU President, Chair
  Dr. Gary J. Burchett,
  LMU President-emeritus,

  World School Core Team
  Ms. Evelyn Smith, Coordinator
  Ms. JoAnn Russell, Co-Coordinator
  Dr. Julie Longmire
  Mr. Jarryd Boster
  Ms. Sue England
  Ms. Kristin Wells
  Ms. Cindi Husk

  Event Chairs
  Ms. Regina Burns
  Dr. Karen Carter
  Mr. Larry Carter
  Ms. Lisa Blair Cox
  Ms. Bebe DeBord
  Ms. Kelsey Edwards
  Ms. Sue England
  Ms. Michelle Ganz
  Ms. Cindy Hankins-Koppel
  Harrogate Garden Club
  Ms. Nikki Harville
  Ms. Kayla Huber
  Ms. Cindy Husk
  Ms. Jessica Ingle
  Mr. Thomas Mackie
  Mr. Jason McConnell
  Ms. Allison Moon
  Mr. Mayur Patel
  Ms. Kate Reagan
  Ms. Delaina Rhodes
  Ms. Martha Scheidler
  Mr. Bill Sowders
  Mr. Steven Wilson
  Ms. Okie Wolfe



Welcome to World School International Forum 2012 “Environment: Housing and Volunteerism,” hosted by Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tennessee, in Cooperation with Kanto International Senior High School, Tokyo Japan.

Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) and J. Frank White Academy (JFWA) are honored to host World School International Forum 2012.  Ten years ago LMU/JFWA hosted the first World School held outside of Japan—World School 2002, which was a very successful event.  The missions of LMU and JFWA encompass fostering an appreciation of multiculturalism, international studies, and progressive educational practices. Each of these attributes will be a catalyst for a highly successful World School 2012.  We are grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in each World School since its inception in 1997.  Participation in World School has greatly impacted the global perspectives of LMU and JFWA faculty, staff, and students throughout the years. It is through the visions of programs such as World School that we all can make a difference not only in our own communities but throughout the world.

We welcome the teachers and students from the other twenty World School member institutions to the campus of Lincoln Memorial University for this global odyssey through the theme of Environment: Housing and Volunteerism.  We also welcome visitors from our local schools and communities who will have an opportunity to share this journey by participating in the educational and cultural events.

World School unites, enhances a global perspective, creates international friendships, and fosters tolerance and understanding.  World School encourages participants to become international citizens and ambassadors of peace.  We are very proud to be a part of World School, Where We Stand As One, representing not only Lincoln Memorial University and the J. Frank White Academy, but also the United States of America!