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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Collins, Martha Jo  Cashier 423.869.6202 DAR 1st Floor martha.collins@LMUnet.edu
Graham, Christy  Vice President for Finance 423.869.6314 Duke Hall christy.graham@LMUnet.edu
Hill, Patty Accounts Payable Clerk 423.869.6284   patty.hill@LMUnet.edu
Honeycutt, Dexter Construction Coordinator 423.869.6406 Pace House dexter.honeycutt@LMUnet.edu
Laws, David  Director of Infrastructure Management  423.869.6418 Pace House  david.laws@LMUnet.edu
Layel, Sabrina Controller 423.869.6229 Duke Hall sabrina.layel@LMUnet.edu
Mason, Aprile Executive Assistant for Finance 423.869.7065 Duke Hall aprile.mason@LMUnet.edu
McMeel, Erlinda Administrative Assistant, Director of Infrastructure Management 423.869.6406 Pace House erlinda.mcmeel@LMUnet.edu
Neeley, Jill  Director, Student Accounts  423.869.6282 DAR 1st Floor jill.neeley@LMUnet.edu
Ramsey, Shala Accounts Payable Clerk 423.869.6288 Duke Hall 301 shala.ramsey@LMUnet.edu
Shackleford, Tammy  Staff Accountant 423.869.6817 Duke Hall 301 tammy.shackleford@LMUnet.edu
Stanley, Joyce  Bursar 423.869.6305 DAR 1st Floor joyce.stanley@LMUnet.edu
Tennyson, Pat  Director of Purchasing and Office Manager for Infrastructure Management 423.869.6406 Pace House pat.tennyson@LMUnet.edu
Wilcox, Mary  Cashier, Finance 423.869.6315 DAR 1st Floor mary.wilcox@LMUnet.edu