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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Bradke, Sean Assistant Women’s Softball Coach     sean.bradke@LMUnet.edu
Burns, Dan  Director of City Park, Recreational Facilities and Athletic Fund Raising 423.869.6242 Mary E. Mars Gymnasium  dan.burns@LMUnet.edu
Carrington, Albert Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach 423.869.6096 Tex Turner Arena  albert.carrington@LMUnet.edu
Collins, Benny  Men's and Women's Tennis Coach  423.869.6399 Tex Turner Arena  benny.collins@LMUnet.edu
Corace, Caitlyn Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach 423.869.6264   caitlyn.corace@LMUnet.edu
D'Anna, Helio  Men's and Women's Soccer Coach  423.869.6245 Tex Turner Arena helio.danna@LMUnet.edu
Donahue, Jeremy Head Coach Mens and Womens Cross Country & Track & Field 423.869.6228 Student Center jeremy.donahue@LMUnet.edu
Epstein, Joshua Assistant Baseball Coach 423.869.6797 Tex Turner Arena joshua.epstein@LMUnet.edu
Erland, Scott Director of Sports Communications 423.869.6236 Tex Turner Arena scott.erland@LMUnet.edu
Evans, Krystal Head Women’s Basketball Coach 423.869.6224 Tex Turner Arena krystal.evans@LMUnet.edu
Golf Driving Range   423.869.6653 Golf Driving Range roger.hodge@LMUnet.edu
Green, Matthew Athletic Director 423.869.6241 Tex Turner Arena 101C matthew.green@LMUnet.edu
Jones, Lisa  Athletic Administrative Assistant/Scheduling Coordinator 423.869.6285 Tex Turner Arena lisa.jones@LMUnet.edu
Kuhn, Ryan

Director of Lacrosse

423.869.6079   ryan.kuhn@LMUnet.edu
Layden, Natalie Head Women's Softball Coach 423.869.6476 Softball Fieldhouse natalie.layden@LMUnet.edu
Linzmeier, Stephen Strength and Conditioning Coach 423.869.6097   stephen.linzmeier@LMUnet.edu
Meyers, Johnny Head Superintendent For Athletic Fields 423.869.6381   johnny.meyers@LMUnet.edu
Michael, Jenny Head Volleyball Coach 423.869.6246 Mars Gym jenny.michael@LMUnet.edu
Moraes, Adriano Men's and Women's Assistant Soccer Coach 423.869.6340 Tex Turner Arena - Soccer Office adriano.moraes@LMUnet.edu
Muncy, Travis  Men's and Women's Golf Coach  423.869.6383 LMU Driving Range travis.muncy@LMUnet.edu
Porter, Bill  Director of Sports Statistics and Publications 423.869.6376 Tex Turner Arena  bill.porter@LMUnet.edu
Schertz, Josh  Head Men's Basketball Coach  423.869.6240 Tex Turner Arena  josh.schertz@LMUnet.edu
Smith, Mike  Associate Athletic Director and Compliance 423.869.6239 Tex Turner Arena  mike.smith@LMUnet.edu
Stapleton, Maria

Assistant Men’s & Women’s Golf Coach

423.869.6652   maria.stapleton@LMUnet.edu
Sziksai, Jeff  Baseball Coach  423.869.6345 Tex Turner Arena  jeff.sziksai@LMUnet.edu
Whicker, Cameron Assistant Athletics Director 423.869.6346 Tex Turner Arena cameron.whicker@LMUnet.edu
Yeary-Hembree, Marcia Graduate Financial Aid Officer/Work Study Coordinator 423.869.6451 Student Center marcia.yeary-hembree@LMUnet.edu