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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Back, Jan Gift Entry Clerk/Executive Assistant to the VP for Univ. Advancement 423.869.7072 Kresge Hall jan.back@LMUnet.edu
Burns, Dan  Director Of Athletic Development 423.869.6242 Mary E. Mars Gymnasium  dan.burns@LMUnet.edu
Burns, Regina  Director, Publications 423.869.6255 Kresge Hall  regina.burns@LMUnet.edu
Cosby, Sheliah Director of Alumni Services 423.869.6359 Kresge Hall sheliah.cosby@LMUnet.edu
Drittler, Amy  LMU-DCOM Director of Alumni Services 423.869.6252 DCOM 333  amy.drittler@LMUnet.edu
Duncan, Lynn  Director, Major Gifts  865.719.5274 Kresge Hall  lynn.duncan@LMUnet.edu
Gilbert, Joey Director of Development for Health Sciences 423.869.7206 DCOM 327 joey.gilbert@LMUnet.edu
Lipscomb, Donnie  Director of Development 423.869.6359 Kresge Hall donnie.lipscomb@LMUnet.edu
Myers,Samantha Director of Social Networking  423.869.6270 Kresge Hall samantha.myers@LMUnet.edu
Reagan, Kate  Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations  423.869.6389 Kresge Hall  kate.reagan@LMUnet.edu
Scheidler, Martha  Director, Foundations  423.869.6398 Kresge Hall  martha.scheidler@LMUnet.edu
Whitt, Cynthia  Vice President, University Advancement  423.869.6394 Kresge Hall  cynthia.whitt@LMUnet.edu
Woodward, Frank  Assistant Vice-President, University Advancement; Director, Gift Processing  423.869.6351 Kresge Hall  frank.woodward@LMUnet.edu