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Christmann, Undine Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine (Equine Boarded Clinician) 423.869.6233 DVTC, Equine Teaching Center, 101 undine.christmann@LMUnet.edu
Colle, Clarence Professor, Microbiology/Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Basic Medical Sciences, DCOM 423.869.7104 DCOM 231 clarence.colle@LMUnet.edu
Concha-Albornoz, Ismael Assistant Professor of Anatomy 423.869.7180 Math and Science Building 333 ismael.concha@LMUnet.edu
Dascanio, John Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, CVM/Professor of Theriogenology 423.869.6778 Math & Science Building 306 john.dascanio@LMUnet.edu
Evans, Randy  Associate Dean and Professor of Veterinary Medicine/Chief Operating Officer, College of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.6458 Math and Science Building 320C randy.evans@LMUnet.edu
Faulkner, Charles Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine (Parasitology), College of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.6676 Math and Science Buiding 305 charles.faulkner@LMUnet.edu
Gibson, Sarah Small Animal Veterinary Technologist 423.869.6521 Math and Science Building 310 sarah.gibson687@LMUnet.edu
Henry, Robert

Professor of Veterinary Anatomy, College of Veterinary Medicine

423.869.6648 Math and Science Building 429 robert.henry@LMUnet.edu
Hoffsis, Glen Dean/Professor of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Associate Vice President, Health Sciences 865.585.0481 Math and Science Building 320D glen.hoffsis@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Jason Medical Director of Large Animal Teaching and Research Center/Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.6028 Math and Science Building 307 jason.johnson@LMUnet.edu
Lester, Robert (Bob) Assistant Dean for Clinical Relations, College of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.6019 Math and Science Building 115 robert.lester@LMUnet.edu
Nader, Paul Instructor of Veterinary Anatomy 919.605.5951 DVTC, Veterinary Skills Center, 104 paul.nader@LMUnet.edu
Palazzolo, Dominic Professor of Physiology, DCOM 423.869.6680 DCOM 214 dominic.palazzolo@LMUnet.edu
Phillips, Jeffrey Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.7150   jeffrey.phillips@LMUnet.edu
Schadler, Tod Veterinary Recruitment, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.6841 Math and Science Building 320A tod.schadler@LMUnet.edu
Verma, Ashutosh Assistant Professor of Vet Med (Microbiology) 423.869.6343   ashutosh.verma@LMUnet.edu
Vroegindewey, Gary Director, One Health Program/Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.7132 Math and Science Building 434 gary.vroegindewey@LMUnet.edu
Weale, John Clinical Program Development Coordinator, College of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.6216 Math and Science Building 115 john.weale@LMUnet.edu
Williamson, Julia Small Animal Clinical Skills Director 423.869.6903 Math and Science Building 432 julie.williamson@LMUnet.edu


Bayless, Heather Examination Services Specialist CVM 423.869.6318 Math and Science Building 320 heather.bayless@LMUnet.edu
Beeler, Megan Administrative Assistant for Student Services & Admissions CVM 423.869.6416 Math and Science Building 310 megan.beeler@LMUnet.edu
Daniels, Audrey Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs CVM 423.869.6008 Math and Science Building 320 audrey.daniels@LMUnet.edu
Green, Jordan Site Coordinator - DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center 423.869.6513 Small Clinic Skills Building jordan.green@LMUnet.edu
Hatfield, Randi Equine Vet Tech 423.869.6230 DVTC, Veterinary Skills Center randi.hatfield@LMUnet.edu
Iliff, Julie Coordinator of Clinical Rotations CVM 423.869.6009 Math and Science Building 115 julie.iliff@LMUnet.edu
Knight, Ashley

Coordinator of Operations, College of Veterinary Medicine

423.869.6037 Math and Science Building 313 ashley.knight@lmunet.edu
McCurry, Amy Large Animal Veterinary Technician 423.869.6093 Math and Science Building 306 amy.mccurry@LMUnet.edu
Parks, Lauren Administrative Coordinator, Veterinary Medicine 423.869.6489 Math and Science Building lauren.parks@LMUnet.edu
Patterson, Genell Student Services and Admissions Coordinator, College of Veterinary Medicine 423.869.6078 Math and Science Building 312 genell.patterson@LMUnet.edu
Tipton, Ashley Clinical Skills Veterinary Technologist 423.869.6528 DVTC, Veterinary Student Center 101 ashley.tipton@LMUnet.edu
Upton, Aimee Administrative Assistant, CVM 423.869.6094 Math & Science Building aimee.upton@LMUnet.edu