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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Anders, Jennifer Instructor of Nursing   PRMC jennifer.anders@LMUnet.edu
Anderson, Elizabeth Instructor, Nursing 865.545.3012 PRMC elizabeth.anderson@LMUnet.edu
Arnold, Becky

Instructor of Nursing

865.545.8107 PRMC becky.arnold@LMUnet.edu
Beckner, Diana  Instructor, Nursing  865.724.1438 LMU-Blount Site 110 diana.beckner@LMUnet.edu
Boring, Megan Instructor, Nursing 865.724.1436 LMU - Blount Site 112 megan.boring@LMUnet.edu
Bowman-Hayes, Marilyn Director, CSON Online Learning and Instructor of Nursing     marilyn.bowman-hayes@LMUnet.edu
Brooks, Robin Instructor of Nursing     robin.brooks@LMUnet.edu
Browning, Lynda Instructor of Nursing 423.869.6069   lynda.browning@LMUnet.edu
Castle, Jane Professor, Nursing     jane.castle@lmunet.edu
Chumley, Sondra Instructor, Nursing 423.869.7139 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor sondra.chumley@LMUnet.edu
Cole, Kelly Instructor of Nursing 865.531.4136 LMU- Cedar Bluff Site kelly.cole@LMUnet.edu
Davidson, Rebecca  Instructor, Nursing  865.531.4126 LMU- Cedar Bluff Site rebecca.davidson02@LMUnet.edu
Davis, Gwen  Instructor, Nursing  865.724.1437 LMU-Blount Site 111 gwen.davis@LMUnet.edu
Dean, Tammy  Associate Professor, Nursing  865.545.8489 LMU-St. Mary's Medical Center Site  tammy.dean@LMUnet.edu
Du Mont, Phyllis Professor, Nursing 865.531.4125 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site phyllis.dumont@lmunet.edu
Eiffe, Joan  Assistant Professor, Nursing/Coordinator of St. Mary's Site  865.545.7914 LMU-St. Mary's Medical Center Site joan.eiffe@LMUnet.edu
England, Jami Instructor of Nursing/Clinical Facilitator 423.869.6380 Math and Science Building jami.england@LMUnet.edu
Floyd, Janice

Instructor of Nursing

865.531.4132 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site janice.floyd@LMUnet.edu
Fultz, Ashley Instructor of Nursing 423.869.6692 Math and Science Building ashley.fultz@LMUnet.edu
Griffith, Sarah Instructor of Nursing 865.545.8344 PRMC sarah.griffith@LMUnet.edu
Heatherly, Angela Instructor of Nursing     angela.heatherly@LMUnet.edu
Hicks, Kerry Instructor of Nursing 423.869.6073 Math and Science Building kerry.hicks@LMUnet.edu
Humfleet, Melissa  Instructor, Nursings 423.869.7007 Math and Science Building 258 melissa.humfleet@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Judy Instructor of Nursing 423.869.6072 Math and Science Building 236 judy.johnson@LMUnet.edu
Lear, Christy Assistant Professor of Nursing 865.531.4130 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site christy.lear@LMUnet.edu
Long, Chasity Instructor of Nursing 865.724.1788 LMU-Blount Site  chasity.long@LMUnet.edu
McCroskey, Diane Instructor of Nursing 865.545.8344 PRMC diane.mccroskey@LMUnet.edu
McCroskey, Lauren Instructor of Nursing 865.724.1435 LMU-Blount Site lauren.mccroskey@LMUnet.edu
McMahan, Gloria Instructor of Nursing 865.545.7664 PRMC gloria.mcmahan@LMUnet.edu
Meggs, Claire  Associate Professor, Nursing  865.531.4128 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 177B claire.meggs@LMUnet.edu
Miller, Carmen Instructor of Nursing 865.724.1434 LMU-Blount Site 115 carmen.miller@LMUnet.edu
Mills, Donna Instructor of Nursing 865.531.4131 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site donna.mills@LMUnet.edu
Modrcin, Mary Anne  Assistant Provost for Nursing and Allied Health, Dean of Nursing and Professor of Nursing 423.869.6319 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor/LMU-Cedar Bluff Site maryanne.modrcin@LMUnet.edu
Nunn, Kelly Instructor of Nursing 865.531.4155 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site kelly.nunn@LMUnet.edu
Patil, Tracy  Assistant Professor, Nursing/ Site Co-coordinator Corbin Campus  606.523.8654 LMU-Corbin Site  tracy.patil@LMUnet.edu
Pettit, Amy  Instructor, Nursing  865.545.8107 LMU-St. Mary's Medical Center Site  amy.pettit@LMUnet.edu
Price, David Instructor of Nursing 865-531-4136 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site david.price@LMUnet.edu
Punchard, Margaret Instructor of Nursing 865.724.1432 LMU-Blount Site margaret.punchard@LMUnet.edu
Reynoldson, Deborah Nursing Faculty Lab Coordinator-Cedar Bluff/Instructor of Nursing 865.531.4130 Blount 114 deborah.reynoldson@LMUnet.edu
Singer, Carolyn Instructor of Nursing 865.531.4127 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site carolyn.singer@LMUnet.edu
Sowers, Angie  Instructor Nursing  606.523.8678 LMU-Corbin Site angie.sowers@LMUnet.edu
Steelman, Glenna Instructor, Nursing 423.869.7183   glenna.steelman@LMUnet.edu
Stephens, Karen Instructor, Nursing 606.523.8655 LMU-Corbin Site karen.stephens@lmunet.edu
Voica, Donna Assistant Professor of Nursing 865.531.4128 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site donna.voica@LMUnet.edu
Wieting, Shelley  Assistant Professor, Nursing  423.869.6317 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor shelley.wieting@LMUnet.edu
Wilson, Robin  Assistant Professor, Nursing  423.869.6321 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor robin.wilson@LMUnet.edu
Zachary, Robin  Instructor, Nursing  865.545.8497 LMU-St. Mary's Medical Center Site  robin.zachary@LMUnet.edu


Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Creech, Teresa Administrative Assistant Nursing 423.869.6743 Math and Science Building teresa.creech@LMUnet.edu
Garman, Barbara  Executive Administrative Assistant, Nursing, Cedar Bluff 865.531.4122 LMU Cedar Bluff Site barbara.garman@LMUnet.edu
Ingram, Shannon Administrative Assistant, Nursing (Main Campus) 423.869.6210 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor shannon.ingram@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Michelle Executive Administrative Assistant, Graduate Nursing-Cedar Bluff 865.531.4118 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site michelle.johnson@LMunet.edu
Lee, Tonya Administrative Assistant, Caylor School of Nursing 423.869.6324 Math and Science Building tonya.lee@LMUnet.edu
Mullins, Stephanie Part-time Administrative Assistant, Physicians Regional Medical Center 865.545.8491 Physicians Regional Medical Center stephanie.mullins@LMUnet.edu
Pearman, Sherry  Director, Nursing Enrollment  423.869.6283 Math and Science Building 2nd Floor sherry.pearman@LMUnet.edu
Pullen, Rebekkah Coordinator of Nursing Recruitment and Advising 865.531.4120 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site rebekkah.pullen02@LMUnet.edu
Singleton, Kim  Clinical/Lab Coordinator, Nursing 865.545.3147 Physicians Regional Medical Center kim.singleton@LMUnet.edu
Taylor, Rhonda Jan Coordinating Admin Assist Cedar Bluff 865.531.4118 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site 183 rhonda.taylor@LMUnet.edu
Weaver, Theresa Executive Assistant to the Dean of the Caylor School of Nursing 423.869.6724 Math and Science Building theresa.weaver@LMUnet.edu