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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Benson, Catherine

Assistant Prof.  of Biology-Conservation Biology

423.869.6071 Math & Science Building 332 catherine.benson@LMUnet.edu
Boone, Joshua

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

423.869.7126 Math & Science Building 330 josh.boone@LMUnet.edu
Clayton, Timothy Assistant Professor of Mathematics 423.869.6413   timothy.clayton@LMUnet.edu
Cooper, Kevin Assistant Professor of Physics 423.869.7156   kevin.cooper@LMUnet.edu
Copeland, John  Professor, Biology  423.869.6225 Math and Science Building 327D john.copeland@LMUnet.edu
Cuadra, Giancarlo Assistant Professor Biology - Microbiology 423.869.7084 Math & Science Building 335 giancarlo.cuadra@LMUnet.edu
Darrow, Jeffrey  Associate Professor, Mathematics  423.869.6420 Math and Science Building 342 jeffrey.darrow@LMUnet.edu
Everly, Stephen  Associate Professor, Chemistry/Chair, Department of Chemisry and Physics 423.869.6472 Math and Science Building 327C stephen.everly@LMUnet.edu
Fowler, Jason Assistant Professor, Biochemistry 423.869.6720 Math and Science Building 333 jason.fowler@LMUnet.edu
Furches, Steve Assistant Professor, Biology 423.869.7019 Math and Science Building 336 steve.furches@LMUnet.edu
Hall, Julie Assistant Professor Molecular Biology 423.869.6067 Math and Science Building 331 julie.hall02@lmunet.edu
Hinojosa, Jaime Assistant Professor, Anatomy & Physiology 423.869.6775 Math and Science Building 328 jaime.hinojosa@LMUnet.edu
Hoellman, John  Assistant Professor, Biology  423.869.7184 Math and Science Building 339 john.hoellman@LMUnet.edu
Jarstfer, Amiel Dean, School of Mathematics and Sciences 423.869.6364 Math and Science Building 327F amiel.jarstfer@LMUnet.edu
Kirton, Gavin Assistant Professor of Chemistry 423.869.6222 Math & Science Building 344 gavin.kirton@LMUnet.edu
Meadows, Adam Instructor of Mathematics 423.869.6668 Math and Science Building 341 adam.meadows@LMUnet.edu
Noah, Tanya  Instructor, Mathematics  423.869.7110 Math and Science Building 343 tanya.noah@LMUnet.edu
Osborn, Gerald Master of Science, Biomedical Professions Program Director 423.869.6029 Math & Science Building 338 gerald.osborn@LMUnet.edu
Prince, Ashleigh Assistant Professor of Chemistry 423.869.7012 Math and Science Building 344 ashleigh.prince@LMUnet.edu
Rollins,Adam Associate Professor, Biology, Chair of the Department of Biology, Director of the Cumberland Mountain Research Center 423.869.6421 Math and Science Building 329 adam.rollins@LMUnet.edu
Thomas, Shelly Assistant Professor of Biology - Conservation Biology 423.869.6227 Math & Science Building 334 shelly.thomas@LMUnet.edu
Vanderpool, Aggy  Associate Professor, Biology  423.869.6463 CMRC 2nd Floor aggy.vanderpool@LMUnet.edu


Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Hutcherson, Gloria

MANS Building Receptionist/Building Coordinator

423.869.6000 Math and Science Building gloria.hutcherson@LMUnet.edu
Napier, Holly  Master of Science Recruitment & Student Services Coordinator 423.869.6027 Math and Science Building 3rd Floor holly.napier@LMUnet.edu
Watson, Jennifer Administrative Assistant, Department of Math and Natural Sciences 423.869.7071 Math and Science Building 327E jennifer.wampner@LMUnet.edu