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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Ben-Salem, Mahdia Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages 423.869.6273 Avery Hall 317 mahdia.ben-salem@LMUnet.edu
Gilley, Jessey Assistant Professor of Geography 423.869.6504 Avery Hall jessey.gilley@LMUnet.edu
Grove, John Assistant Professor of Political Science 423.869.6502   john.grove@LMUnet.edu
Hess, Earl  Associate Professor, History/The Stewart McClelland Distinguished Professor in Humanities  423.869.6297 Avery Hall 210 earl.hess@LMUnet.edu
Hubbard, Charles  Professor of History/Abraham Lincoln Historian  423.869.6354 Avery Hall 216 charles.hubbard@LMUnet.edu
Neilson, Joanna  Assistant Professor of History  423.869.6427 Avery Hall 208 joanna.neilson@LMUnet.edu
Salata, Debra  Assistant Professor, History  423.869.7154 Avery Hall 204 debra.salata@LMUnet.edu
Sellers, Martin P. Dean, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences/ Professor of Government 423.869.6815 Avery Hall 101 martin.sellers@LMUnet.edu
Toomey, Michael  Chair of Humanities and Fine Arts/Associate Professor, History  423.869.6296 Avery Hall 202 michael.toomey@LMUnet.edu