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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Barnes, Tammy Assistant Professor of Education/Director, Masters Education Initial Licensure Program 865.531.4137 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site tammy.barnes@LMUnet.edu
Bicknell, Teresa  Assistant Professor, Education / Associate Dean, School of Education  865.531.4108 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 117 teresa.bicknell@LMUnet.edu
Brown Jr., Benjamin  Professor, Graduate Education/ EdD Program 865.531.4117 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 125-B benjamin.brown@LMUnet.edu
Burger, Lynn

Director of the Ed. D Program / Assistant Professor of Graduate Education/Ed. D Program

865.531.4111 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site lynn.burger@LMUnet.edu
Burger, Michael Assistant Professor, Graduate Education 865.531.4158 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 126 michael.burger@LMUnet.edu
Burleson, Rebecca  Assistant Professor, Graduate Education / Post Bac Program 423.354.5522 LMU-Kingsport Site  rebecca.burleson@LMUnet.edu
Carico, Margie Assistant Professor, Graduate Education 865.693.1570 Cedar Bluff 188 margie.carico@LMUnet.edu
Cave, Chessica Assistant Professor of Education 423.869.6478   chessica.cave@lmunet.edu
Clyburn, J. Michael Dean, School of Education and Professor of Education 423.869.6259 Business-Education Building 241 michael.clyburn@LMUnet.edu
Clyburn, Shelia J. University Dissertation Reviewer/Associate Professor of Education 423.869.6654 Business-Education Building 223
Collingsworth, Joy Assistant Professor of Education 423.869.6403 Business-Education Building 218 joy.collingsworth@LMUnet.edu
Collins, Shannon Associate Professor of Education     shannon.collins@LMUnet.edu
Cook, David Assistant Professor Education   Business-Education Building david.cook@LMUnet.edu
Cosgriff, Joseph Director of Special Education 423.869.6429

Business-Education Building 219

Davidson, Steve Assistant Professor, Graduate Education, EdD Program 865.531.4115 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site 119 steve.davidson@LMUnet.edu
Effler, Joel Assistant Professor of Graduate Education 865.531.4149 Cedar Bluff Site, 168B joel.effler@LMUnet.edu
Gaines, Cherie Elaine Director, Clinical/Field Experiences 865.531.4154 LMU Cedar Bluff- 121 cherie.gaines@LMUnet.edu
Hayes, Michael Assistant Professor, Graduate Education/ Coordinator of Internships & Practicums 865.531.4140 Business-Education Building michael.hayes@LMUnet.edu
Jones, Kevin R.  Associate Professor, Graduate Education 423.869.7064 Business-Education Building  kevin.jones@LMUnet.edu
Lynch, Sylvia  Department Chair of Undergraduate Education, Program Director of Initial Teacher Licensure Undergraduate 423.869.6372 Business-Education Building 220 sylvia.lynch@LMUnet.edu
Murphree, Patricia  Adjunct Professor, Graduate Education  423.869.6217 Business-Education Building  patricia.murphree@LMUnet.edu
Norris, Howard  Associate Professor, Graduate Education  423.869.6374 Business-Education Building  howard.norris@LMUnet.edu
O'Dell, John  Assistant Professor, Graduate Education 423.869.7207 Business-Education Building  john.odell@LMUnet.edu
Rogers, Toby  Associate Professor, Education  865.531.4114 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site 123 toby.rogers@LMUnet.edu
Shepherd, Samuel Assistant Professor of Education     samuel.shepherd@LMUnet.edu
Silberman, Peter Asst. Professor of Education/Ed. D. Program 865.545.5338 DSOL peter.silberman@LMUnet.edu
Smith, D. Jackie  Assistant Professor of Education  423.869.7153 Business-Education Building  dennis.smith@LMUnet.edu
Stanley, Ashley Assistant Professor of Education     ashley.stanley@LMUnet.edu
Stevenson, Theresa Assistant Professor, Graduate Education 865.531.4157 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 123 theresa.stevenson@LMUnet.edu
Swantic, Frances  Chair of Graduate Education / Coordinator of the Instructional Leadership Licensure Program, Professor of Graduate Education 865.531.4114 Cedar Bluff Site frances.swantic@LMUnet.edu
Theriot, Connie  Professor, Graduate Education  865.531.4148 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site connie.theriot@LMUnet.edu
Tichon, Mark  Assistant Professor, Graduate Education  865.531.4139 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site mark.tichon@LMUnet.edu
Wagner, Susan Assistant Professor of Education 865.545.4141 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site susan.wagner@LMUnet.edu
Wolfe, Okie  Professor, Education  423.869.6248 Business-Education Building  okie.wolfe@LMUnet.edu
Wright, Stephen Assistant Professor of Education     stephen.wright@LMUnet.edu


Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Bowling, Karen  Office Manager, Graduate Education  423.869.7057 Business-Education Building  karen.bowling@LMUnet.edu
Brock, Erin  Director of Licensure and Testing 423.869.6405 Business-Education Builidng  erin.brock@LMUnet.edu
Clagg, Trenton Director of Assessment & CAEP Coordinator 865.531.4150 Cedar Bluff 124 trenton.clagg@LMUnet.edu
Dunn, Cathy  Academic Support Assistant 423.869.6330 Business-Education Building cathy.dunn@LMUnet.edu
England, Sue  Director, Office of Candidate Development/Services 423.869.6253 Business-Education Building  sue.england@LMUnet.edu
Knuckles, Terri  Executive Assistant, School of Education  423.869.6223 Business-Education Building terri.knuckles@LMUnet.edu
Lewis, Kay  Administrative Assistant Department of Graduate Education 423.869.7068 Business-Education Building kay.lewis@LMUnet.edu
Park, Margaret Mary Academic Support Assistant, Cedar Bluff, School of Education 865.531.4109 Cedar Bluff margaret.park@LMUnet.edu
Rutland, Jamie Academic Support Assistant, M.Ed in Initial Licensure 865.531.4116 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site jamie.rutland@LMUnet.edu
Schott, Rachel Director of Candidate Recruitment and Retention 423.869.7414 Business-Education Building rachel.schott@lmunet.edu
Smith, Kristen Administrative Assistant, Cedar Bluff Grad Education 865.531.4110 LMU - Cedar Bluff Site 113B kristen.smith862@LMUnet.edu