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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Babos, Mary Beth  Associate Professor, Pharmacy  423.869.7756 DCOM 219  marybeth.babos@LMUnet.edu
Bassett, Casey Associate Dean of Students for Medical Programs & Associate Professor of Histology 423.869.7104 DCOM 316 & MANS 320A casey.bassett@LMUnet.edu
Brown, Juanita Assistant Professor of OMM 423.869.6056 DCOM 129 juanita.brown@LMUnet.edu
Campbell, Teresa Associate Professor, Pathology 423.869.6656 DCOM 222 teresa.campbell@LMUnet.edu
Cobb, Leah Assistant Professor, Psychiatry 423.869.6468 DCOM 120 leah.cobb@LMUnet.edu
Colle, Clarence  Professor, Microbiology/Associate Dean, Preclinical Academic Affairs/Basic Medical Sciences 423.869.6715 DCOM 235  clarence.colle@LMUnet.edu
DeFranco, Gina  Assistant Professor, Family Medicine/DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6836 DCOM 122 gina.defranco@LMUnet.edu
Dudzik, Beatrix Assistant Professor of Anatomy    423.869.6509 Math and Science Building 411 beatrix.dudzik@LMUnet.edu
Fitzovich, Douglas  Professor, Physiology  423.869.6681 DCOM 213 douglas.fitzovich@LMUnet.edu
Gassler, John

Assistant Professor of Anatomy

423.869.7182 Math and Science Building 412 john.gassler@LMUnet.edu
Greenstein, Allison Assistant Professor Internal Medicine 423.869.6697 DCOM 123 allison.greenstein@LMUnet.edu
Gromley, Adam Assistant Professor of Molecular/Cellular Biology 423.869.6698 DCOM 233 adam.gromley@LMUnet.edu
Gromley, Zeynep Assistant Professor of Biochemistry 423.869.6792 DCOM 232 zeynep.gromley@LMUnet.edu
Hagerty, Rachelle Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies/Program Research 423.869.6702 DCOM rachelle.hagerty@LMUnet.edu
Harrington, Jennifer Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.7106 DCOM 435 jennifer.harrington@LMUnet.edu
Henderson, Melissa Assistant Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 423.869.7135 DCOM 230 melissa.henderson@LMUnet.edu
Hermey, Donna Professor of Anatomy, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7127 Math and Science Building 410 donna.hermey@LMUnet.edu
Hobbs, Rex

Associate Director PA Programs & Associate Professor PA Studies

423.869.6086 DCOM 422 rex.hobbs@LMUnet.edu
Hull, Stephanie Director of Didactic Education Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.6266 DCOM 428 stephanie.hull@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Fruzsina Assistant Professor of Physiology DCOM 423.869.7098 DCOM 229 fruzsina.johnson@LMUnet.edu
Johnson, Robert  Chair, Physiology and Pharmacology/Associate Professor, Physiology 423.869.7757 DCOM 215 robert.johnson02@LMUnet.edu
Kiick, Dennis  Vice President of Research, LMU/Assistant Vice President of Research, Health Sciences/Professor of Biochemistry, DCOM 423.869.7086 DCOM 220 dennis.kiick@LMUnet.edu
Knechtel, Maureen Assistant Professor of the PA Program 423.869.6684 DCOM maureen.knechtel@lmunet.edu
Kolatorowicz, Adam Assistant Professor of Anatomy 423.869.6349 Math and Science Building 413 adam.kolatorowicz@LMUnet.edu
Kunigelis, Stan  Director, Center of Imaging and Analysis/Professor, Physiology  423.869.6818 DCOM 217  stan.kunigelis@LMUnet.edu
Langley, Natalie Assistant Professor, Anatomy/Director of Master of Science, Anatomical Sciences degree program 423.869.6363 Math and Science Building 430 natalie.langley@LMUnet.edu
Leo, Jonathan  Chair of Anatomy and Professor of Neuroanatomy, Assistant Provost for Medical Programs 423.869.7094 DCOM 323 jonathan.leo@LMUnet.edu
Miksa, Paula  Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Studies/Director, Clinical Education, PA Program 423.869.6821 DCOM 434  paula.miksa@LMUnet.edu
Moran, Mark Assistant Professor of PA Studies and Associate Program Director, PA Program 423.869.6843 DCOM 422 mark.moran@LMUnet.edu
Noe, Stephen Assistant Professor of PA Studies 423.869.7008 DCOM stephen.noe@LMUnet.edu
Palazzolo, Dominic  Professor, Physiology  423.869.6680 DCOM 214 dominic.palazzolo@LMUnet.edu
Shepherd, Joshua Assistant Professor PA Studies   DCOM joshua.shepherd@LMUnet.edu
Shields, Nicole Assistant Professor of Family Medicine 423.869.6041 DCOM nicole.shields@LMUnet.edu
Stanczak, Ava Assistant Dean of Clinical Medicine & Professor of Pediatrics 423.869.6661 DCOM 130 ava.stanczak@LMUnet.edu
Teitelbaum, Howard  Professor, Preventative Medicine/Chair, Preventative and Community Medicine, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine  423.869.7129 DCOM 129  howard.teitelbaum@LMUnet.edu
Throckmorton, Zachary

Assistant Professor of Anatomy/DCOM

423.869.6396 Math and Science Building 414 zachary.throckmorton@LMUnet.edu
Turkett, Byron Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.6779   byron.turkett@LMUnet.edu
Wang, Jun Assistant Professor of Pathology   DCOM 225 jun.wang@LMUnet.edu
Weaver, Kali Assistant Professor Pharmacology 423.869.6057 DCOM kali.weaver@LMUnet.edu
Weston, Douglas Asst. Prof & Chair of OMM     douglas.weston@LMUnet.edu
Wieting, Michael  Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation/Assistant Vice President, New Program Development Health Sciences/DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7148 DCOM 343  michael.wieting@LMUnet.edu
Williamson, John  Assistant Professor, OB/GYN, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine  423.869.7130 DCOM 205 john.williamson@LMUnet.edu
Wilmoth, Robert Assistant Professor, General Surgery/Chair of Surgery, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7214 DCOM 132 robert.wilmoth@LMUnet.edu
Wisnoff, Warren Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Chair Department of Internal Medicine 423.869.6661 DCOM 135 warren.wisnoff@LMUnet.edu
Wood, Paul Professor of Pharmacology & Associate Dean for Research 423.869.6666 Math and Science Building 435 paul.wood@LMUnet.edu
Yonts, R. Christopher 

Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Chair of Family Medicine

423.869.7216 DCOM 119 roy.yonts@LMUnet.edu
Zieren, Jan Associate Professor, Family Medicine, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7097 DCOM 121 jan.zieren@LMUnet.edu


Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Arnold, Amy  Assistant Director, Financial Services, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine  423.869.7096 DCOM 319 amy.arnold@LMUnet.edu
Barnett, Rebecca Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7090 DCOM 3rd Floor Admissions rebecca.barnett@LMUnet.edu
Batchelor, Randal  Director, Academic Assessment, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine  423.869.7167 DCOM 110 randal.batchelor@LMUnet.edu
Brooks, Theresa Program Administrative Coordinator PA Program 423.869.6918 DCOM 417 theresa.brooks@LMUnet.edu
Buchanan, Jeremy Clinical Exam Center Manager, Interprofessional Education and Development Coordinator 423.869.6043 DCOM 208 jeremy.buchanan@LMUnet.edu
Bush, Anita Clinical Rotations Coordinator 423.869.6497 DCOM 340 anita.bush@LMUnet.edu
Caldwell, Jody  Director, Rotations, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine  423.869.6694 DCOM 341  jody.caldwell@LMUnet.edu
Campbell, Sherry  Rotations Coordinator, PA Program 423.869.6718 DCOM 411 sherry.campbell2@LMUnet.edu
Carter, Victoria DCOM Receptionist 423.869.7200 DCOM victoria.carter@LMUnet.edu
Caylor, Madeline

Administrative Assistant Graduate Medical Education

423.869.6910 DCOM madeline.caylor@lmunet.edu
Cenatiempo, Marca  Director, Health Sciences Research and Grants 423.869.6838 DCOM 221 marca.cenatiempo@LMUnet.edu
Cobb, Sue Standardized Patient/Patient Model Program Coordinator 423.869.6460 DCOM 204 sue.cobb@LMUnet.edu
Colson, Katherine Hospital Relations Coordinator PA Program 423.869.6905 DCOM katherine.colson@LMUnet.edu
Combs, Alyson Student Services Activity Coordinator - DCOM 423.869.6290 DCOM alyson.combs@LMUnet.edu
Drittler, Amy  LMU-DCOM Director of Alumni Services 423.869.6252 DCOM 333  amy.drittler@LMUnet.edu
Earl, Jessica  Academic Affairs/Curriculum Coordinator, Basic Medical Sciences, DCOM 423.869.7121 DCOM 234 jessica.earl@LMUnet.edu
Engle, Joshua Simulation Lab Coordinator/Instructor 423.869.6070 DCOM 302 joshua.engle@LMUnet.edu
Estes, Deborah  Coordinator for Examination Services , DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6673 DCOM 109 deborah.estes@LMUnet.edu
Fitzovich, Lovella Coordinator of Examination Services, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7761 DCOM 107  lovella.fitzovich@LMUnet.edu
Gambrel, Laura Examination Services Coordinator, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6842 DCOM 108 laura.gambrel@LMUnet.edu
Gilbert, Amanda

Administrative Asst. BMS/DCOM Research

423.869.6047 DCOM amanda.gilbert@LMUnet.edu
Gilbert, Joey DCOM Director of Development and Alumni Services 423.869.7206 DCOM 327 joey.gilbert@LMUnet.edu
Gilliam, Teresa

Simulation Lab Nurse

423.869.6046 DCOM teresa.gilliam@LMUnet.edu
Goodpaster, Daniel Admissions Recruiter DCOM 423.869.6091 DCOM 322 daniel.goodpaster@LMUnet.edu
Greene, Johnathan AHA Training Center Coordinator 423.869.6480 DCOM 314 johnathan.greene@LMUnet.edu
Gulley, Carolyn  Executive Director of Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs 423.869.6291 Duke Hall 304 carolyn.gulley@LMUnet.edu
Harry, Cynthia Administrative Director, TOMEC 423.869.7063 DCOM 313 cynthia.harr y@LMUnet.edu
Hensley, Melissa Clinical Resources Coordinator/Administrative Assistant for Clinical Rotations 423.869.7133 DCOM 104 melissa.hensley@LMUnet.edu
Holbrook, Rebecca Anatomy Assitant 423.869.7011 Math and Science Building 404 rebecca.holbrook@LMUnet.edu
Hopkins, Mary  Manager of Examination Services, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7161 DCOM 103 mary.hopkins@LMUnet.edu
Hoskins, Kari  Rotations Coordinator  423.869.7406 DCOM 339  kari.hoskins@LMUnet.edu
Hunley, Jennifer Assistant Clinical Coordinator, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6679 DCOM 4th Floor, PA Program jennifer.hunley@LMUnet.edu
Iliff, Stan  Lab Facilities Manager 423.869.6337 Math and Science Building 409 stan.iliff@LMUnet.edu
Kertis, Kimberly Research Specialist, Health Sciences 423.869.6441 DCOM 212 kimberly.kertis@LMUnet.edu
Kim, JooHee  Chief Operating Officer, DCOM 423.869.7083 DCOM 332 joohee.kim@LMUnet.edu
Lamb, Robin  Admissions Assistant, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.7401 DCOM 309 robin.lamb@LMUnet.edu
Mace, Robin  Assistant Director of Admissions, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6747 DCOM 317 robin.mace@LMUnet.edu
Marcum, Olivia

Administrative Assistant, Didactic Ed, PA Program

423.869.6438 DCOM 424 olivia.marcum@LMUnet.edu
Martin, Janette  Director of Admissions, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine  423.869.7102 DCOM 316 janette.martin@LMUnet.edu
Martin, Summer Director of Marketing & PR LMU Health Sciences


DCOM 329 summer.martin@LMUnet.edu
Mason, Mary Kaye Preceptor Relations Coordinator 423.869.6716 DCOM 424 mary.mason@LMUnet.edu
McClelland, Shelley Administrative Assistant, Faculty Coordinator Clinical Medicine 423.869.7087 DCOM 114 shelley.mcclelland@lmunet.edu
Miracle, Kayla Medical Assistant     kayla.miracle@LMUnet.edu
Miracle, Melissa Post Award Grants Manager 423.869.6834 Duke Hall 304 melissa.miracle02@LMUnet.edu
Myers, Nancy Perkey  Director, Clinical Education, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine  423.869.6695 DCOM 312 nancy.myers@LMUnet.edu
Napier, Holly  Pre-Professional Programs Coordinator 423.869.6027 Math and Science Building 3rd Floor holly.napier@LMUnet.edu
Nelson, John Osteopathic Bio-Medical Research Assistant 423.869.6022 DCOM 103 john.nelson@LMUnet.edu
Nelson, Pamela Body Donation Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 423.869.6745 Math and Science Building 4th Floor pamela.nelson@LMUnet.edu
Nunn, Kelly Clinical Supervisor 865.531.4155 LMU - Cedar Bluff kelly.nunn@LMUnet.edu
Owens, Susan  Admissions Coordinator, Physician Assistant Program  423.869.6669 DCOM 423  susan.owens@LMUnet.edu
Peace, Pat  Director, Financial Services, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine  423.869.7107 DCOM 320 pat.peace@LMUnet.edu
Redmond, Debbie  Administrative Assistant, Clinical Medicine DCOM 423.869.6082 DCOM debbie.redmond@LMUnet.edu
Sandefur, Amy Administrative Assistant, Building Coordinator 423.869.7056 DCOM 312 amy.sandefur@LMUnet.edu
Schatz, Sheri Examination Services Coordinator   DCOM 308D sheri.schatz@LMUnet.edu
Shelburne, Lisa Career Services Coordinator, DCOM 423.869.6832 DCOM lisa.shelburne@LMUnet.edu
Slaven, Rick

Director, Center for Simulation and Training

423.869.6453 DCOM 311 rick.slaven@LMUnet.edu
Stapleton, Elaine Administrative Coordinator, TOMEC 423.869.7171 DCOM 3rd Floor Executive Suite elaine.stapleton@LMUnet.edu
Stubenberg, Patricia Anne Director of Continuing Medical Education/ Preceptor Development 423.869.6819 DCOM 341 patricia.stubenberg@LMUnet.edu
Wells, Norma  Assistant Admissions Coordinator – PA Program 423.869.6691 DCOM 417  norma.wells@LMUnet.edu
Wilder, Jessica Clinical Hub Coordinator   DCOM jessica.wilder@LMUnet.edu