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Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Carter, Karen  Assistant Dean School of Business Undergraduate/ Assistant Professor of Business 423.869.6675 141 Business-Education Building karen.carter@LMUnet.edu
Fait, Jacob Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs / Assistant Professor Business 423.869.6682 Business-Education Building 132 jacob.fait@LMUnet.edu
Hoelscher, James Assistant Professor of Business 865.531.4146 LMU-Cedar Bluff 163B james.hoelscher@LMUnet.edu
Holt, Roger Assistant Professor of Management 423.869.6699 Business-Education Building 140 roger.holt@LMUnet.edu
Hurley, James Dean School of Business & Professor Leadership & Education Policy 423.869.6298 Business-Education Building james.hurley@LMUnet.edu
Jones, Sherman Assistant Professor of Business 423.869.6298   sherman.jones@LMUnet.edu
McCarren, Donald  Associate Professor of Business 865.531.4145 Cedar Bluff donald.mccarren@LMUnet.edu
McCoy, Timothy J. Assistant Professor of Business 423.869.6379 Business-Education Building 139 timmy.mccoy@LMUnet.edu
Offoha, Eugene  Assistant Professor, Business 423.869.7199 Business-Education Building 131 eugene.offoha@LMUnet.edu
Oke, Okeniyi  Associate Professor, Business 423.869.7190 Business-Education Building 119 okeniyi.oke@LMUnet.edu
Overton, Reginald Director of Sports Management & Professor of Sports Management 865.531.4113 Cedar Bluff 169 reginald.overton@LMUnet.edu
Pannell, Thomas Director of Masters in Analytics & Assistant Professor of Analytics 865.545.5323 DSOL thomas.pannell@LMUnet.edu
Polk, Xanshunta Chair of Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, & International Business 423.869.7006 Business-Education Building 120 xan.polk@LMUnet.edu
Schneider, Sheree  Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems 423.869.6369 Business-Educaton Building 140 sheree.schneider@LMUnet.edu
Thompson, Benjamin Chair of Finance, Accounting & Economics 423.869.7119 Business-Education Building 138 benjamin.thompson@LMUnet.edu
Ward, William Assistant Professor of Business 423.869.6262 Business-Education Building 121 william.ward@LMUnet.edu


Name Title Office Phone Office Location Email
Corder, Julia Administrative Assistant School of Business 865.531.4107 LMU-Cedar Bluff Site julia.corder@LMUnet.edu
Daniels, Kayley Recruiting Coordinator 865.531.4144 LMU- Cedar Bluff Site 168 kayley.daniels@LMUnet.edu
Fraustro, Aaron Administrative Assistant School of Business 423.869.6254 Business-Education Building 105 aaron.fraustro@LMUnet.edu
Sweet, Matthew  Director of Academic Services and Assessment 423.869.6833 Business- Education Building 109 matthew.sweet@LMUnet.edu