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Residence Life

Residence Life on a university campus can be one of the most meaningful ingredients in a college experience.  You will meet individuals who will become lifelong friends, you will develop new interpersonal life skills, you will expand your sense of community service and you will improve your leadership skills.

LMU offers a variety of living arrangements on campus:  West Hall (males), Liles Hall (females), LaFrentz-Poole Hall and Grant-Lee Hall (co-ed);  Pope Hall, Dishner Hall and Mitchell Hall (co-ed apartment style units).

LMU requires all full-time students under the age of 21, regardless of class ranking, live on campus unless the student is living with a parent or guardian within a 65-mile radius of campus or is married and lives with a spouse.  An Application for Housing (PDF) or Application for Housing Waiver (PDF) must be completed by all applicants for admission.

Residential Handbook (PDF)