Parent/Family Insider

Welcome to our great university via our NEW Parent/Family Member Program website! The information offered through this helpful guide is designed to create a continuing partnership between Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) and the parents/family members of our students. We want you and your family to have the best possible experience while your loved one is attending LMU, so we have suggested some goals for LMU parents/family members and steps on how we will help you realize those goals.

Expected Parent/Family Benefits

  • Understand the developmental changes parents and families experience when children embark on their collegiate careers.
  • Be an effective mentor and coach for your college student.
  • Understand the college experience your student is having in today's (faced-paced, multi-tasking, technology driven) higher education environment.
  • Establish the appropriate level of involvement in your student's collegiate career that is beneficial to you, your child and the University community. Know when and how to empower your student to take responsibility, enabling them to grow into a mature, productive and independent adult.
We know how influential you are in the life of your students.  It is our goal to provide you information about the key issues that face college students throughout the academic year. In turn, we hope that you will continue to provide encouragement and support through these challenging transitions.

We urge you to keep lines of communication open with your student and provide the support that he or she may need. But keep in mind that learning to independently overcome obstacles is every bit as valuable as anything learned in our classrooms. Don’t be afraid to let your student take the initiative and develop into a resourceful young adult.

Our Parent/Family Program serves as a gateway to timely information about topics ranging from academics to health and safety, and from finances to career decisions. It’s also a great source of information about what’s happening on campus, allowing you to explore everything we have to offer when you visit your family member.
You are committed to helping your student succeed, and so are we. We at Lincoln Memorial University share your desire to see your child graduate with a college degree. More than that, we want your student to leave LMU with unforgettable memories, lifelong friends and the knowledge needed to succeed.

If you would like to join our start up Parent/Family Member Association, please email Cathy Eldahan at We encourage you to call upon the Student Services staff (423.869.7166) when you have a question, or when you want to share a concern or a suggestion.