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Graduate Admissions

Application and Program Information

- Toll-Free Number 1.800.325.0900

Master of Education (MEd) and Educational Specialist (EdS) Programs

For more information, call:

Application Information - Kay Lewis, ext. 7068 or Veronika Dillow, ext. 7057

Program Information - Terri Knuckles, ext. 6223

Master of Education in Initial Licensure
Susan Long, 865.531.4116

Master of Education Counseling & Guidance
Kristen Smith, 865.531.4110

Master of Business Administration (MBA Program)
Kelsey Metz, 865.545.5331

Master of Science in Nursing Program (Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist, and Family Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and Nursing Business Administration)
Patsy Seal, ext. 6210

Master of Science
Holly Napier, ext. 6027

Master of Science in Criminal Justice
Dr. MaryAnn Thrush, ext. 6099

Master of Science inBusiness Analytics
Kelsey Metz, 865.545.5331

Master of Public Administration
Dr. Stephen Adkins, ext 5334

Doctor of Education (EdD) Program
Melody Amason, ext. 4109

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Rebecca Barnett, ext. 7090

Doctor of Jurispridence
Trish Carroll, ext. 5304

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Genell Patterson, ext. 6078

Doctor of Business Administration
Kelsey Metz, 865.545.5331


Tuition and Fees
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