Lincoln Memorial University

Please review the information below regarding Contract Processing:


Authorized signatories are limited to the President, Dr. Clayton Hess and the Vice President for Finance, Christina Graham.

When renewing or entering into a new contract with an outside entity, all contracts must be provided to University Counsel’s Contracts Department at

Utilizing a template, created by LMU and approved through University Counsel, is the quickest method to obtain an executed contract. Templates are not to be edited by any department except University Counsel. Please allow a minimum of two (2) weeks for processing all contracts.

All contracts must be approved through University Counsel for signature. Even if you are utilizing a preapproved template.

All contracts must be approved by and have a signature line for the president, Dr. Clayton Hess. If you are utilizing contracts which indicate Dr. James Dawson please contact Andrea Rosenbalm to determine if an updated template is available indicating Dr. Clayton Hess as a signatory.

When providing the paperwork for signatures, all contracts must be complete, approved by the department, and include the following:

  1. All pages of the contract;
  2. All fields, except signature lines, properly filled prior to providing them for signatures;
  3. Signature line for Dr. Clayton Hess, President;
  4. Indemnification of the University and FERPA language (when appropriate, such as in Affiliation Agreements)

Failure to provide completed or whole contracts will result in the contract being returned to the originator and extend the process of executing signatures.

Once the contract is received by Contracts it will be reviewed and, if the above listed information is complete, it will then be provided for electronic signatures to the following:

  • The originator (LMU employee providing the contract for review);
  • University Counsel;
  • Finance (if applicable);
  • Dr. Clayton Hess, President

Only the aforementioned authorized signatories may execute contracts.

If any additional signatures are required, you must indicate this information in the email provided to Contracts.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Andrea Rosenbalm at or via telephone at (423)869-6533. 



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