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PA Student Services

Student Mentoring

Each incoming LMU-DCOM PA Student is assigned a faculty mentor for the didactic phase and a faculty mentor for the clinical phase. These mentors are the key support and primary contact during the LMU-DCOM PA Program. Faculty mentors will:

  • Assist students’ understanding of policies and practices of the LMU-DCOM PA Program
  • Respond to questions or concerns about course requirements and expectations, performance criteria, academic standing, and professionalism
  • Provide feedback to students on their progress in course requirements, faculty expectations, graduate competencies, and program goals
  • Provide support for students’ personal and professional growth (can include referral to appropriate professionals should difficult situations arise)
  • Discuss academic performance in an effort to optimize students’ learning experiences
  • Assist students with plans to address issues of academic difficulties on an as needed basis
  • Mentor students’ progress for Capstone portfolio and similar projects

Additionally, each incoming LMU-DCOM PA Student is assigned a student mentor from the class that matriculated the year prior. These student mentors help students navigate through the program from the perspective of an LMU-DCOM PA Student.


LMU-DCOM PA Students may receive academic support in the form of guidance in study methods and further explanation of course content from faculty members and Course Directors. Students may self-refer or be referred by faculty members to the Director of Academic Support for further services including study skills, test-taking strategies, and counseling. Appointments with Dr. Justina Hyfantis, the Director of Academic Support, can be made via email request ( or phone 423-869-6563.

Medical Services

LMU students are eligible to use medical services offered through the University Medicine Clinic (UMC). UMC will file claims with the health insurance company; however, students are responsible for payments not covered by their health insurance provider. Appointments can be made by phone at 423-869-7193. Clinic locations include 165 Westmoreland Street, Harrogate, TN and 424 N. Broad Street, New Tazewell, TN.

There are two hospitals in the immediate vicinity, Claiborne County Hospital, 1850 Old Knoxville Road, Tazewell, TN and Appalachian Regional Hospital (ARH), 3600 W. Cumberland Avenue, Middlesboro, KY. Both hospitals have emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hospital care is not included with tuition; therefore, students are required to pay all charges for services rendered.

Lincoln Memorial University, Student Handbook, 2016-2017 Academic Year, Section II: Campus Services; Health Services (

University and Local Counseling Services

Personal and confidential counseling to help students with personal, career, and academic concerns that affect academic success and quality of life is available to students free of charge through the Counseling Services Office. For more information or to schedule an appointment, go to: Referral to local counseling and assistance resources is available upon request by the student.

For emergency services, students can contact Cherokee Health Systems 24-hours a day for comprehensive and confidential assistance at 423-784-7794 (Clairfield) or 423-626-8271 (New Tazewell).


LMU-DCOM Physician Assistant Mentorship Program

The LMU-DCOM Office of Alumni Services provides a mentorship program to assist current LMU-DCOM PA Students with networking. The mission of the LMU-DCOM Physician Assistant Mentorship Program is to provide Physician Assistant alumni mentors to current LMU-DCOM PA Students wishing to network with PA professionals to learn more about job opportunities and specialty choices. The LMU-DCOM Physician Assistant Mentorship Program provides current PA students an opportunity to correspond with alumni PAs with similar interests so that they may provide support and guidance as students begin their job searches. Visit and click on “Mentorship” to request a mentor.

PA Job Bank

The LMU-DCOM Office of Alumni Services maintains an online PA Job Bank for graduates. Visit and click on “PA Job Bank” to see the types of positions being advertised to LMU-DCOM PA Program graduates.


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