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DCOM Strong

DCOM Strong is a wellness initiative created to give LMU-DCOM students the opportunity to maintain emotional, physical, financial, social, spiritual, and academic wellness throughout all four years of their medical school journey. DCOM Strong activities are student led in collaboration with faculty and staff representatives. It is a priority of the initiative to incorporate tolerance and inclusion within the LMU-DCOM student body. Often, activities are open for all LMU professional programs, which allows for inter-professional collaborative learning. In addition, DCOM Strong hosts events and activities to promote cultural/self-awareness and sensitivity. If you would like to be a student leader, be a part of the DCOM Strong Committee, or would like to propose an idea for a program, please contact Sally Adams, Student Services Coordinator, at

For access to resources and additional information, please visit:

The following are just a few examples of the types of activities offered:

-        Mental Health Awareness Week

-        Spa Day

-        Wellness Wagons

o   A monthly activity that offers food and giveaways to students the Friday before exams. Items that are on the cart include stress balls, healthy snacks and beverages, and holiday-themed treats.

-        Ice Cream Socials

-        Guest and Motivational Speakers

o   Examples of topics include Mental Health Awareness, Financial Wellness During Rotations, Physician Burnout, OMS-II Advice for Success as an OMS-I

-        Academic Support Workshops

-        Yoga Classes

-        Online Resources and Survival Guides for Years 1-4

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is the Student Government Association of LMU-DCOM. SGA is comprised of leaders who are the voice of the student body. During the academic year, the elected committee meets every other Tuesday to discuss student travel, student issues, activities, and events.

Current SGA Leaders

Sarah Day- President

Sadaf Fakhra- 1st Vice President 

Eric (Dax) Spencer- 2nd Vice President 

Evan Gleaves- Treasurer 

Brittney Fisher- Secretory

Armine Aghabekian- Diversity Char


Class of 2020 Officers

Austin Zearley- President

Constance Howard- Vice President

Austen Richardson- Treasurer 

Megan Miller- Secretory


Class of 2021 Officers

Matthew Harden- President

Ashley Hemati- Vice President

Leena Philip- Secretory

Skyler Hill-Norby- Treasurer 


Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors are selected by the Office of Admissions and Student Services to represent LMU-DCOM. Selection of Student Ambassadors include a diverse representation from various ethnic and racial groups, cultural backgrounds, orientation, identity, socioeconomic status, and age. Their primary role is to assist with admissions and recruiting efforts. During interview days, Ambassadors conduct a student panel, provide tours, take candidates out to lunch, and offer insight into student life at LMU-DCOM. Ambassadors can also take part in various on-campus events throughout the year, including orientation, hospital/residency day, and graduation. Students are eligible to be Ambassadors after the winter break of Year 1, at which point they can submit an application available in the Office of Admissions and Student Services.

Student Travel

LMU-DCOM students have the opportunity to attend conferences and present research. Students must have a travel approval form signed by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Dean of Students prior to traveling.

For the Travel Approval Form and information on applying for reimbursement, please visit:

Student Activities and Clubs

LMU-DCOM students are provided with numerous opportunities to engage in both on-campus and off-campus activities and events. LMU-DCOM Student Services provides monthly calendars to students for all upcoming events. Examples of activities and events include intramural sports leagues, fitness classes, social engagements, charity fundraisers, community outreach, and more. The goal of Student Activities is to provide students with an opportunity to engage socially with their classmates, provide a stress-relief outlet, and promote a quality student experience at LMU-DCOM.


There are many opportunities to participate in a student club or organization. LMU-DCOM offers over thirty different clubs. Students also have the option to start a new club by contacting SGA and submitting an application. For a full list of current clubs, please visit


For more information about LMU-DCOM Student Activities, contact Caleb Arnold, Student Activities Coordinator at


The College System and Advising

In order to create an environment of close connections and community, all LMU-DCOM students are divided into eight different College Systems. Students remain in their assigned College System for the length of their medical school career. The College Systems engage in friendly competitions such as The College Olympics, Gobbler Games, and SpringFest. The College System also houses the Mentor/Mentee program.

Each College System is comprised of a group of faculty/staff advisors. Every student is assigned to an academic advisor at the start of year one and remain with the same advisor through graduation. Advisors provide students with academic/career related-guidance as well as connect students to various on and off campus resources.

Mental Health Counseling

LMU Counseling Services are available to help students with personal, career, and academic concerns that affect academic success and quality of life. All services are confidential. During orientation, all counseling services are fully explained to students by both the LMU-DCOM Office of Admissions and Student Services and LMU Counseling Services. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please visit: or call 423-869-6277.

Academic Support

LMU-DCOM offers academic support services designed to enhance learning and aid in the success of all students. Academic support services include individual consultation, large and small group presentations, and peer tutoring. For third and fourth year students located off campus at rotation sites, telephone and/or video conference meetings are made available. Assistance includes, but is not limited to, the following areas: study skills, time management, stress management and wellness, test anxiety, test-taking strategies, and board preparation. For more information, please contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services at 423-869-7090.

Alumni Services

The LMU-DCOM Office of Alumni Services provides several resources to current LMU-DCOM students. In conjunction with the Office of Career Services, the LMU-DCOM Office of Alumni Services hosts a monthly seminar series focusing on residency match and specialty selection during each academic year. The series features talks by alumni in various specialties of interest to current students. Talks are held on-campus, and lunch is provided to attendees.


The Office of Alumni Services administers the MATCHMaker mentorship program. The mission of the LMU-DCOM MATCHMaker Program is to provide physician alumni mentors to current third- and fourth-year LMU-DCOM osteopathic medical students wishing to learn more about specialty choices, the residency application process, and residency programs nationwide. The LMU-DCOM MATCHmaker Program provides current osteopathic medical students an opportunity to correspond with physician alumni with similar interests. Physician alumni provide support and guidance as the students navigate the waters of clinical rotations and the residency application process. Students are presented information about the MATCHMaker program and how to submit mentorship requests at the end of their second year.


The Office of Alumni Services routinely hosts alumni and friends gatherings at state and national conventions, including AOA OMED, TOMA, ACOFP, and ACOI. Current students attending these conferences are invited to network with LMU-DCOM graduates. The Office of Alumni Services sponsors the annual Match Celebration for the graduating class and is an integral part of graduation planning each year. The Office of Alumni Services provides a graduation gift to each member of the graduating class annually.


The Office of Alumni Services serves as the primary communication link between LMU-DCOM and its alumni. Current students may share information about campus events with alumni and inquire about potential alumni guest speakers through the Office of Alumni Services.


For more information, please visit:


Career Services


The LMU-DCOM office of Career Services provides career guidance to LMU-DCOM OMSI and OMSII students with email updates and presentations. The Office of Career Services and the Alumni Services office offers a monthly seminar series focused on residency match. During the second year, prior to beginning clinical rotations, Career Services offers students a token for the AAMC Careers in Medicine. This is a career guidance program with residency assessment tools.


The LMU-DCOM Career Services office serves as the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) Dean’s Work Station representative for LMU-DCOM. ERAS is the application service used for applying to residency match for the AOA and ACGME Match. 


The Career Services office is the writer and editor for the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) also known as the Dean’s Letter. Career Services compiles student evaluations from third year clinical evaluations and transcript information for the MSPE that is submitted for residency application.


The office of Career Services also serves as the Medical Education and Licensure Verification office for DCOM Osteopathic Physician Alumni. Career Services completes and submits all medical education verification forms for alumni. The office of Career Services serves as the ERAS Fellowship Medical School Contact for Medical Education Verification.


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