Lincoln Memorial University

Student Health and Wellness

Physical Health Services

Diagnostic, Preventive, and Therapeutic Health Services

LMU-DCOM students have access to diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic health services, accessible in all locations where students receive education from LMU-DCOM. All students are required to have health insurance prior to matriculation through graduation and are responsible for costs associated with services rendered. Students who seek medical attention may do so with any facility of their choosing based on their needs and health insurance coverage.

As a means of convenience, LMU-DCOM operates two (2) LMU Medical Clinics located in Harrogate, TN (across the street from the main campus) and New Tazewell, TN (15 miles from main campus). Visit the LMU Medical Clinic online at:

If a student becomes ill or has an emergency health issue during the clinical assignment, the training facility will render care or refer the students to services, but is not responsible for the cost of such care. Students are financially responsible for any medical care they receive at a training site.


Counseling Services

LMU Counseling Services are available to help students with personal, career, and academic concerns that affect academic success and quality of life. All services are confidential. During orientation, all counseling services are fully explained to students by both the LMU-DCOM Office of Admissions and Student Services and LMU Counseling Services. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please visit:


DCOM Strong

DCOM Strong is a wellness initiative created to give LMU-DCOM students the opportunity to maintain emotional, physical, financial, social, spiritual, and academic wellness in medical school. We aim to develop empowerment for not only those faced with mental health issues, but also the entire local community-to assess, confront and educate while in the medical profession. Visit the DCOM Strong website at:


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