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Name Title Phone Office Email
Airee, Anita Associate Professor of Pharmacology  423.869.7757 DCOM 215
Apperley, Shane Director of Didactic education and Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.6638 DCOM 424
Babos, Mary Beth Associate Professor of Pharmacy 423.869.7756 DCOM 219
Batchelor, Randal Director of Educational Development and Assessment; Assistant Professor of Professional Education 423.869.7167 DCOM 339
Brown, Juanita Assistant Professor of OMM 423.869.6056 DCOM 129

Campbell, Teresa

Chair, Pathology/Associate Professor of Pathology 423.869.6656 DCOM 222

Chesnut, Jeffrey

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine 423.869.7438 DCOM  130
Colle, Clarence Professor of Microbiology; Associate Dean of Preclinical Academic Affairs/Basic Medical Sciences 423.869.6715 DCOM 235
Cope, Anya Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine 423.869.6605 DCOM 134
Day, Melissa Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.6344 DCOM 425
Dubisky, Gary Associate Professor of Neurology  423.869.7214 DCOM 132
Dudzik, Beatrix Assistant Professor of Anatomy  423.869.6509 HM&S 414
Fairley, Stacie Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Infectious Disease 423.869.6073 DCOM 222
Fitzovich, Douglas Professor of Physiology 423.869.6681 DCOM 213
Gassler, John Assistant Professor of Anatomy 423.869.7182 HM&S 412
Gibbons, John Assistant Professor of Physiology (DCOM) 423.869.7447 DCOM 228
Gromley, Adam Associate Professor of Molecular/Cellular Biology 423.869.6698 DCOM 233
Gromley, Zeynep Associate Professor of Biochemistry 423.869.6792 DCOM 232
Harrington, Jennifer Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.7106 DCOM 428
Heinan, Michelle Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.7459 DCOM
Hermey, Donna Chair & Professor of Anatomy 423.869.7127 HM&S 407
Hinojosa, Jaime Assistant Professor of Clinical Anatomy 423.869.6775 HM&S 411
Hobbs, Rex Assistant Dean and Program Director, Physician Assistant Program 423.869.6086 DCOM 420
Hull, Stephanie Program Director, Physician Assistant Program at DCOM at LMU-Knoxville 865.545.5823

Pellissippi Office Center

Bldg. 1

Jimenez, Sherry 

Associate Dean of Assessment and Interprofessional Education (IPE) 423.869.6547 DCOM 341

Johnston, Gayle

Assistant Professor, OPP 423.869.6758 DCOM 134

Kessler, Brian

Vice President and Dean of LMU-DCOM 423.869.7077 DCOM 335

Kiick, Dennis

Professor of Biochemistry 423.869.7086 DCOM 333

Kolatorowicz, Adam

Assistant Professor of Anatomy 423.869.6349 HM&S 413

Kunigelis, Stan Director, Math and Sciences Imaging Center; Professor of Physiology 423.869.6818 DCOM 217

Leo, Jonathan

Professor of Anatomy 423.869.7094 DCOM 220

Littrell, Anthony Assistant Professor of Preventative Medicine & Interim Chair of Public Health 423.869.6519 DCOM 125
Loyke, Christopher Associate Professor Family Medicine & Assistant Dean of Clinical Medicine 423.869.6661 DCOM 110
Miksa, Paula Director of Interprofessional Education, Physician Assistant Program 423.869.6821 DCOM 407
Moran, Mark Assistant Dean of New Program Development, DCOM & Assistant Professor of PA Studies 423.869.6843 DCOM 338
Nahar, Vinayak LMU-DCOM Affiliate Research Faculty 423.869.7179 HM&S
Noe, Stephen Associate Program Director, PA Program and Associate Professor of Physician
Assistant Studies
423.869.7008 DCOM 422
Palazzolo, Dominic Professor of Physiology 423.869.6680 DCOM 214
Quadri, Syed Assistant Professor of Pharmacology 423.869.6462 DCOM 229
Senkel, Chrystyna Assistant Professor of PA Studies & PA Academic Coordinator 423.869.6508 DCOM 423
Serrell, Paul Associate Dean of DMS Program 423.869.7063
Shepherd, Joshua Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.7403 DCOM 428
Shields, Nicole

Assistant Professor 


DCOM 125
Skidmore, Tonya Assistant Professor of PA Studies 


DCOM 440
Snodgrass, Leah Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Chair of Behavorial Health

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DCOM 120
Stephens, Michael Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423-869-6593 DCOM 427  
Thompson, Brad Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 423.869.6644 DCOM 407
Thompson, Brent  Assistant Professor of Anatomy 423.869.6396 HM&S 412
Trzil, Kenneth Assistant Professor of Family Medicine 423.869.6690 DCOM 131
Wang, Jun Assistant Professor of Pathology


DCOM 225
Weaver, Kali Assistant Professor of Pharmacology


DCOM 231
Weston, Douglas Assistant Professor and Chair of OMM 423.869.6777 DCOM 135

Wieting, Michael

Senior Associate Dean, Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and OMM 423.869.7148
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DCOM 343

Williamson, John

Associate Professor/Chair of OB/GYN 423.869.7130
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DCOM 205

Wilmoth, Robert Associate Professor of General Surgery/Chair of Surgery 423.869.7214 DCOM 132
Wisnoff, Warren Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine & Emergency Medicine
Yonts, R. Chris Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Chair of Family Medicine 423.869.7216
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DCOM 127
Yow, Allison Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine 423.869.6697 DCOM123
Zieren, Jan Associate Professor of Family Medicine

423.869.7097 (Academic Line) 423.869.7193
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DCOM 121
Zulandt, Gina Associate Professor of Family Medicine

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DCOM 122

 DCOM = DeBusk College of Osteoptathis Medicine

 HM&S = Hamilton Math and Science Building


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