Lincoln Memorial University


The LMU-DCOM AHA Training Center is committed to improving the quality of community-based healthcare and preparedness through basic and advanced life-saving education and training. We adhere to the American Heart Association's mission that is accomplished through high-quality instruction, a standards-based curriculum utilizing AHA Chain of Survival, and state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and facilities.

LMU-DCOM courses are offered in a customer service-oriented classroom setting for physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, CRMA, PA, FNP, paramedics, law enforcement, fire departments, rescue services, EMT's, state parks, dentists, critical care personnel, teachers, schools and any other person responding to cardiac, trauma, or pediatric emergencies.

Quality progress and student course completion remains and will continue to be a top priority at LMU-DCOM. Our goal is to enhance the effectiveness of the training center's core activities of learning, teaching, research performance, research training, effective management, and to ensure the quality of programs and compliance with AHA policies and guidelines. The addition of Kentucky and Virginia to the existing area of Tennessee will provide us the opportunity to serve an even greater area of the Appalachian region.B



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