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(Examination and Assessment

To evaluate, document and enhance the program's effectiveness, the LMU-DCOM Office of Assessment is directing, managing and facilitating a broad range of examination and assessment initiatives. Organized around the seven core competencies, extensive data is being collected on student learning outcomes that are continually compared against the program's objectives. At the same time, formative data is gathered about all educational activities, processes and facilities to support the faculty and administration's efforts to develop and improve the program. LMU-DCOM's assessment plan employs a mixed methodological approach incorporating both quantitative and qualitative techniques.

The Office of Examination Services assist faculty with the development, administration and posting of written exams.

Educational Development and Assessment

The Office of Assessment assists officeholders, committees, faculty and staff in collecting and reporting survey findings to improve and enhance instruction, testing, access to resources and student life. Throughout the academic year, surveys and discussion groups are conducted in order to collect data necessary to make informed decisions. See the Formative and Summative Assessment Charts for a complete look at data collection methods and timelines.

Formative Assessment Chart (Revised November 2018)

Summative Assessment Chart(Revised November 2018)


Outcomes Assessment Chart (Revised November 2017)


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