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Assessment and Interprofessional Education

Students in the Auditorium

Assessment: The LMU-DCOM Office of Assessment and Interprofessional Education facilitates and supports the collection of data in a variety of ways that provide information on the continuous improvement of programs and services for all DCOM students. LMU-DCOM demonstrates a strong culture of evidence. The Office of Assessment and IPE contributes to this culture by striving for continuous improvement through collaboration with faculty in pursuit of assessment best practices.

We are committed to the support of faculty and health professions students through faculty development, continuing medical education, center for simulation and training, clinical exam center, assessments and technology.

IPE: Interprofessional education (IPE) occurs when students from two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes” (World Health Organization, 2010). 

The Office of Assessment and Interprofessional Education is committed to promoting and facilitating an environment of interprofessional collaboration amongst health profession students that emphasizes roles and responsibilities, values and ethics, teamwork, and interprofessional communication to optimize patient care.

Support and services are administered by a team dedicated to excellence.


Sherry Jimenez, EdD, FNAOME

Associate Dean of Assessment and Interprofessional Education (IPE)

DCOM 341



Randal Batchelor, EdD

Director of Educational Development and Assessment

DCOM 339



Mary Bolton, MEd

Director of Examination and Assessment Services

DCOM 340



Jessi Rogers, MEd

Assessment Specialist/Director of Curricular Mapping

DCOM 234



Lovella Fitzovich, MBA

Examination Services Manager

DCOM 308-E



Debbie Estes, MPA

Examination Services Coordinator

DCOM 308-B



Sheri Schatz

Examination Services Coordinator

DCOM 308-C



Kristen Hager, NREMT-P

Manager, Center for Simulation and Training

DCOM 311



Joshua Engle, MBA

Simulation Lab Coordinator/Instructor

DCOM 312



Jeremy Buchanan

Clinical Exam Center Coordinator

DCOM 208



Johnathan Greene, MBA, BSN, BSOM, NREMTP

Director of AHA Training Center

DCOM 314



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