Lincoln Memorial University

Letters of Recommendation

Required Letters of Recommendation

  • ┬ĆOne Physician letter from a DO or MD and one of the following
  • One Pre-Medical Committee letter


  • Two letters from science professors

The physician letter of recommendation may be in a letter format, or if the physician chooses, she may fill out and submit the Physician Evaluation Form.

Advice for those Writing Letters of Recommendation

Letters of references can provide valuable insight that is not available from reading the standard application. These letters can offer a picture of the applicant and they play a significant role in determining an applicant's status. We have listed some suggested topics of interest to our admissions committee. Please address the areas you feel knowledgeable or qualified to discuss. The narrative should include the nature of your relationship with the applicant, including how well you know the applicant, in what capacity, and the length of the relationship. Please address the applicant's academic performance and his or her intellectual ability. You may want to include comments on originality, resourcefulness, intellectual capacity and retention, as well as intellectual keenness, depth and interest. Other areas of interest include the applicant's motivation to become a physician, his or her ability to communicate and relate with others, and information regarding his or her personality. Is the applicant mature, self confident, independent, a team player, and dependable? Does he or she utilize good judgment? Finally, include those things that you think are pertinent to know about this applicant in regards to his or her admission to Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine. Thank you.

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