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Welcome to Lincoln Memorial University and the Master of Science (MS) program! 


Thank you for your interest in the Veterinary Biomedical Science (VBS) program.  The MS VBS is a degree program designed for students seeking advanced study in the biomedical sciences with both non-thesis and thesis options.  Graduates develop a strong foundation in comparative veterinary anatomy and are expected to independently explore the primary literature, analyze and critique published reports, and communicate in formal oral and written methodologies.  Graduates of the program have many options and can pursue a:  1) professional program of study, such as admission to a College of Veterinary Medicine 2) doctoral-level education in health-related professions, or 3) pathway to biomedical research. 


On a personal note, I have been an LMU faulty member since 2001 and am a member of the Pre-clinical faculty in LMU’s College of Veterinary Medicine (LMU-CVM).  My research interests include the epidemiology and immunology of parasitic, viral and zoonotic diseases.  My husband, Dr. Charles Faulkner is also a member of the LMU faculty and we have one son, Joe.  I enjoy spending time with our five dogs, knitting, gardening and relaxing by the pool.


I look forward to welcoming you to LMU!


Dr. Vina Faulkner

MS VBS Program Director

Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine



VBS Coursework
Fall Semester 
BCHM 603  Advanced Cellular Biochemistry 3
LSCI 603 Colloquial Principles of Life Science 1
LSCI 604 Graduate Life Science Research Design & Analysis 3
VANT 710 Veterinary Anatomy I 5
  Graduate Elective Hours 3
  TOTAL 15
Spring Semester 
LSCI 503  Advanced Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology 3
LSCI 653 Life Science Graduate Special Topics  3
LSCI 603 Colloquial Principles of Life Science 1
LSCI 683 Life Science Graduate Research Project 3
 VANT 720 Veterinary Anatomy II 5
  TOTAL 15

 This course of study requires a minimum of 30 credit hours to complete. 

Elective Courses
BCHM 503 Advanced Biochemistry (3)
LSCI 503 Advanced Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology (3)
LSCI 504 Advanced Techniques for Molecular Biology (2)
LSCI 505 Advanced Ecology & Field Biology
LSCI 506 Microscopic Imaging Theory and Techniques (3)
LSCI 606 Applied Ethics in Biomedical Sciences (3)
LSCI 653  Life Science Graduate Special Topics (1-3)
LSCI 693 Life Science Thesis Research (1-9)

Master of Science Catalog




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