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Life Science Research (LSR)

The Life Science Research major is ideal for the graduate student who is planning to earn his or her Doctor of Philosophy degree.  Students will participate in foundational graduate courses that will help them to understand and use the primary literature of the Life Sciences. Students will work closely with graduate faculty who can guide them in developing their scholarly writing skills and in completing a thesis research project.

A total of thirty graduate credit hours are the minimum requirement. Typical course schedules are listed below as an example.


Fall Semester
LSCI 603 Colloquial Principles of Life Science 1
LSCI 604 Graduate Life Science Research Design & Analysis 3
Graduate Electives 9


Spring Semester
LSCI 603 Colloquial Principles of Life Science 1
LSCI 605 Scholarly Writing in Life Science 2
LSCI 693 Life Science Thesis Research 1 - 9
Graduate Electives 6
10 - 18


Summer Semester (if needed)
Graduate Electives 1 - 7
1 - 7


Graduate elective courses are designed to enhance the graduate student’s skill set and deepen understanding of key knowledge areas of contemporary life sciences. Elective courses will be determined by the research student’s supervisory committee.

Elective courses can include but are not limited to the following courses:

BCHM 503 Advanced Cellular Biochemistry
LSCI 503 Advanced Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
LSCI 504 Advanced Techniques for Molecular Biology
LSCI 505 Advanced Ecology and Field Biology
LSCI 506 Microscopic Imaging Theory and Techniques
LSCI 507 Life Sciences Research Instrumentation
LSCI 508 Techniques of Physiological Research
LSCI 606 Applied Ethics in the Biomedical Sciences
LSCI 653 Life Science Graduate Special Topics
LSCI 683 Life Science Graduate Research Project (1 – 3)

Please note that in the event a student has course deficiencies in their undergraduate preparation, it may alter the curriculum of their graduate curriculum. This may require additional time for successful completion of this major.


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