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The curriculum of the MSCJ programs at LMU is designed to enhance a student’s academic qualifications. All classes are preparatory coursework for post-graduate goals in programs leading to a terminal degree. The core courses are offered during the spring and fall semesters of the program. None of the master’s level courses have prerequisite requirements, with the exception of CRIM 697 which requires the completion of all core courses. Please note that the semester’s schedules and/or coursework and timeframes are subject to change based upon individual student needs or as determined by the MSCJ Admissions Committees and Program Directors.

Core Courses (15 hours):

  • CRIM 505 Theories of Crime and Criminal Justice
  • CRIM 506 Ethics and Issues in Criminal Justice
  • CRIM 510 Crime and Public Policy Analysis
  • CRIM 511 Criminal Justice Research Methods
  • CRIM 512 Justice Administration and Leadership

Elective Courses (15 hours):

  • CRIM 605 Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • CRIM 615 International Crime and Policy
  • CRIM 620 Victimology
  • CRIM 625 Juvenile Justice
  • CRIM 630 Community Corrections and Offender Reentry
  • CRIM 635 Crimes of the Powerful
  • CRIM 640 Race, Gender, Class, and Crime
  • CRIM 645 Rural Criminal Justice
  • CRIM 650 Qualitative Research Methods
  • CRIM 695 Special Topics Seminar
  • CRIM 696 Independent Study
  • CRIM 697 Thesis (6 hours)

Total hours: 36 hours


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