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The LMU Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree is designed for those who wish to pursue leadership roles in the ever-expanding field of public service. Earning a master’s degree in public administration opens the doors to a wide range of public service careers, including government administration, community or nonprofit management, and government relations.

This thirty-six (36) credit hour program provides tracks in General Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. MPA graduates may work in government agencies creating policy, overseeing agencies, or analyzing and evaluating program efficiency and effectiveness. Those who work in community agencies may work for social welfare organizations or large healthcare organizations such as hospital systems, managing budgets, or analyzing efficiencies. In the private sector, MPA graduates hold consulting positions or work to assist companies in understanding policymaking and management strategies.

Program offerings are flexible and useful for working adults, with several electives offered in a hybrid or online format. Students choosing to do so can complete the MPA program in as little as sixteen (16) months


Track 1: General Public Administration track (36 hours, Thesis or Comp. Exam)

The general track is designed to provide public service professionals with the core proficiencies in the management and leadership of public organizations. Course offerings cover a wide range of general public administration topics, as well as specialized substantive areas such as healthcare policy, special topics in education, and human resource issues.

Track 2: Nonprofit Management (36 hours, Thesis or Comp. Exam)

The Nonprofit Management track allows students to focus on the development and growth of nonprofit organizations. Course offerings cover foundational topics such as nonprofit management, board development, fundraising, and marketing. Through academic sources, such as books and journal articles, to practical sources, such as blog posts and guest speakers, students will gain the skills necessary to lead organizations that address the needs of underserved communities.

MPA Program Courses

Core/Required Courses

  • PADM 510 Quantitative Analysis
  • PADM 515 Qualitative Analysis
  • PADM 520 Public Administration
  • PADM 525 Public Policy Process
  • PADM 530 Public Financial Administration
  • PADM 540 Public Service Ethics and Values

Elective Courses

  • PADM 550 Economics for the Public Sector
  • PADM 601 Managing Public and Non-Profit Organizations
  • PADM 602 Nonprofit Marketing
  • PADM 603 Nonprofit Board Development
  • PADM 604 Nonprofit Fundraising
  • PADM 611 Legal Context for Policy and Public Management
  • PADM 620 Special Topics in Public Policy
  • PADM 696 Independent Study

Students may also receive elective hour credit for LMU graduate courses outside of the MPA program upon approval.

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International students please contact:
Ke Collins|423.869.6384| 


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