Lincoln Memorial University

Admissions Requirements

A. Completed bachelor degree from an institution with regional accreditation or equivalent verification in the case of international degrees.

An international degree must follow university policies in existence for certifying international degrees and/or credit. 

Minimum undergraduate coursework:

  • Two courses that focused on the U.S. Federal Government, State and Local Government, or any equivalent courses focused on the three branches of government.

Recommended undergraduate coursework

  • Courses about government structure, policymaking, administration, and budgeting.

B. Other Admissions Requirements

  • Undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher on a four (4)-point scale
  • Entrance interview may be required if one or more requirements are not met.

C. Letters of Reference

Two letters of reference from the applicant’s undergraduate instructors or one letter from an instructor and one from a professional source are required.

D. Personal Statement

Submit an essay detailing the student’s purpose for attending the LMU Master of Public Administration program, relevant skills, qualification, preparation, and a statement of goals after completing the program.

E. Transfer credit

A maximum of nine (9) graduate credit hours or its equivalent of graduate work closely related to the MPA degree will be allowed in transfer by approval of the AHSS Graduate Admissions Committee.


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