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We do not follow a cohort model. Instead, we allow you to select the order of classes that fits your requirements and objectives. This method also allows you to meet and interact with a greater variety of fellow students. The curriculum offers both face-to-face coursework and opportunities to take classes online. We believe there is a learning benefit to face to face classes through student interaction, immediate feedback and faculty assistance. However we also understand that online classes can be helpful in achieving a balance in your professional, personal and educational obligations. 

In addition to the flexibility described above, our faculty is a great strength of our program. The faculty in the LMU MBA program combines extensive academic preparation, professional experience and a student-centered approach. The result is an open and interactive learning environment. In all our classes, we stress the application of the business knowledge to the real world. The curriculum uses case studies, group work, presentations, and class discussions that equip you to be a well prepared manager and leader in today’s contemporary global business environment.

Your experience will be enhanced through LMU’s small class sizes, facilities with current technology, and learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Through several classes, our students have participated in 1000’s of hours of consulting work to community businesses, both for profit and nonprofit firms. Several of our students have published books, presented at conferences, and submitted their academic work for publication consideration. 

The LMU MBA program curriculum has student learning goals that include effective written and verbal communication, critical thinking and analysis, and the decision making skills. The School of Business believes that these skills, along with leadership qualities, will prepare future business leaders to produce profits and wealth in an ethical and socially responsible manner. 

One significant result of our curriculum design is the ease in which you can achieve the minimum qualifications typically required for undergraduate level instruction. In most instances, all that is required is earning your LMU MBA degree in a specific concentration and completing one additional class. Meeting these qualifications enables you to consider adjunct teaching opportunities.


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