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Past Lecturers

 Past Lecturers

Dr. George C. Rable, 2015

In his presentation “God as General: Was There a Religious History of the “American Civil War?” Dr. Rable examines how Americans used religious faith to interpret the causes, course, and consequences of the war. Soldiers and civilians, ministers and politicians often discussed everything from Union to emancipation to particular battles in religious terms.  He points out that “themes of sin, providence and judgement are essential for understanding how Americans viewed the greatest crisis in American history.”


Dr. John Fea, 2016

The lecture "The Bible in the Age of Lincoln: The American Bible Society and the Origin of Christian America" is based on Dr. Fea's book The Bible Cause: A History of the American Bible Society. While the book gives a seminal history of an organization that has influenced American and world cultures, Dr. Fea’s presentation closely examines the Bible of Lincoln’s time and how it shaped policy and society during the Civil War.


Dr. Paul Harvey, 2017

"African American Politics and the Judeo-Christian Tradition" explores how a select group of African Americans deployed, wrestled with, argued with, and transformed the Christian tradition, “”the Christian religion," extending from slaves in the Deep South to those highly educated free blacks and missionaries in the North. They debated the relationship between “the Christian religion” and the political issues of the mid-19th century. For example, could the Prince of Peace support a violent war against slavery? Likewise, could a principled anti-slavery Christian support a Constitution whose very structure helped to preserve a proslavery Republic? 


Past Lecturers


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