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This information is important for you to consider when determining whether the cost of enrolling your child at J. Frank White Academy will fit into your family budget:

College classes are included in high school tuition!

Included in the price of tuition, Academy students can earn up to 30 credit hours at LMU.  Students who take full advantage of this opportunity can complete their freshman year at LMU while in high school at no extra cost.  This does not include the money saved on room and board and other living expenses of the first year of college.

Getting ahead of the Game!
Consider also that if a student is able to complete college training a year earlier, it puts him or her one year closer to earning a professional salary and eliminates a year of running up debt while not working full time or not working at all.

Get more than what you pay for!
Tuition for the J. Frank White Academy is set at about half the actual cost and subsidized through fundraising and through the resources of Lincoln Memorial University.

Scholarship opportunities!
Academy graduates who enroll at Lincoln Memorial University automatically receive at least a $3,000 scholarship renewable for up to four years.  (To have the scholarship renewed, the student must maintain a designated GPA at the University each year.)
A high percentage of Academy graduates traditionally receive generous scholarships to the colleges and universities they enter.

To assist families and students who want to enroll at the Academy but do not have the financial means, the Academy offers limited scholarships which are awarded based on financial need and academic achievement.  Apply as soon as possible to be considered for a scholarship. 

Tuition 2018-2019:
$6,700 (Grades 9-12)
$5,700 (Grades 6-8)
$4,700 (Grades k-5)

10-month payment plans are available
Tuition includes meal plans, college classes  for juniors and senios, and personal devices for grades 6-12.


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