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The National Beta Club

The Nathional Beta Club has become the nation's largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization. We are committed to recognizing and promoting high academic achievement, rewarding and nurturing worthy character, fostering leadership skills and encouraging service to others.

First Priority

First Priority is a nondenominational Christian club. It is student lead, and gives students an opportunity to lead other students to Christ. The clubs meets once a week.  

National Honor Society

Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the most prestigious honors awarded to American high school students.  The NHS has worked hard to bring the accomplishments of outstanding scholars to the attention of parents, teachers, peers, and community.  Chapters in more than 13,000 high schools across the nation strive to give practical meaning to the Society’s goals of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  These four ideals constitute the basis for selection.  No student is inducted simply because of high academic average.  However, achievement of a 95% or higher overall cumulative average is a prerequisite for admittance.  Membership carries a responsibility to the chapter and to the school.  It incurs an obligation to continue on and further demonstrate those outstanding qualities that resulted in selection. 

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad has led a revolution in science education. What began as a grassroots assembly of science teachers is now one of the premiere science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to nearly 6,400 teams in 50 states. Science Olympiad's ever-changing event lineup provides a variety of career choices and exposure to practicing scientists and mentors.  Events range from chemistry labs, to satellite image reading, to building a robotic arm.  Students begin preparing in the fall for the Regional competition at East Tennessee State University in late February or early March.  Qualified teams advance to State competition held in April on the campus of UT-Knoxville. 


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