Lincoln Memorial University


  1. For the protection of our park and the safety of its users, the following are prohibited
    • No alcoholic beverages
    • No firearms, traps or weapons (Exception: Authorized Federal, State, County and City law enforcement officers may carry firearms in the performance of their official duties)
    • No open fires
    • No hitting golf balls anywhere in the park
    • No motorized vehicles on park grounds
    • No motorized objects except mobility devices on walkways and paths
    • No equestrian activity
    • No drugs
    • No profanity
    • No smoking in playgrounds or on fields in basketball or skateboard areas or in pavilions &  buildings (No smoking within 25 feet of entrances to buildings (State law)
    • No camping, overnight parking or staying in the park, parking lots, buildings or other structures within the park.
    • No sleeping on park benches, picnic tables, sidewalks, walking/running/biking trails, parking lots or inside buildings or other structures within the park.
    • No disturbance of plants or wildlife.
    • No fireworks (special events must have pre-authorization).
  2. Dogs, cats and other animals are prohibited (except for Service animals).
  3. Please be respectful of other walking trail users
  4. Please help keep our park beautiful by disposing trash in proper receptacles.
  5. Hours - Open dawn to dusk – Gates locked daily.





423.869.3611 | 800.325.0900
6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway
Harrogate, TN 37752