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 Our Mission

Tied to the mission of Lincoln Memorial University to serve its students, its community and the Appalachian region, Arts in the Gap invites neighbors, visitors, practicing artists, and students of all ages and skill levels to share in the pleasures of creativity and self-expression. Arts in the Gap nurtures and cultivates art communities in the Cumberland Mountain region and encourages collaboration while establishing a network of artists throughout the country.

Through workshops, conferences, performances and festivals, participants broaden skills, share creative work and deepen their appreciation for the value of arts in everyday life. Arts in the Gap speaks to the heritage and future of the Cumberland region and the rich natural environment where Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia come together.

Arts in the Gap (AITG), a summer arts initiative, has a primary goal of fostering and expanding a deeper appreciation for art and Appalachia through interactive workshops, displays, and performances. The heritage and history of the area are heavily rooted in the arts, music, and writing, and it is the hope of LMU and AITG to preserve and celebrate these traditions

Arts in the Gap is a program of Lincoln Memorial University’s Paul V. Hamilton Center for the Arts, created in partnership with the historic town of Cumberland Gap, TN and the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.



Tiffany Sanchez, MFA
Program Coordinator and Technical Director of Theatre
Office phone: 423-869-6645

Joe Gill, MFA
Program Advisor and Assistant Professor of Theatre
Office phone: 423-869-6265  or
Cell phone: 323-202-5588

Darnell Arnoult, MFA
Program Advisor and Writer-in-Residence
Office phone: 423-869-7074  or
Cell phone: 615-715-3956



423.869.3611 | 800.325.0900
6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway
Harrogate, TN 37752